Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Dream Valentine

It's the month of the hearts again. While I believe that this event is all about business, I can't help it but get lost in the spell of romance as I see roses, balloons and hearts everywhere. Everything is wrapped in red. And the fact haunts me, I never had a Valentine date.

Well maybe, I had a Valentine date but not on the 14th where everyone is busy giggling and being hopelessly romantic is not a crime.

I want to have a Valentine date someday; watch movie, dine out and most importantly, receive roses. While being practical may sound as an excuse for not giving flowers, nothing beats their scent and beauty, died to be offered to a special someone.

I wonder when will be that be? I hope I'm not too old to have one. Oh well, I'll just prepare for a Valentine date on a work meeting again (every year).