Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can't wait forever to say I love you

I'm seeing people at the window
and think of the past
Then I thought what it can be
if we are really meant to be

Then I decided I can't wait forever
I can't wait forever to say
I love you
I don't want to wait forever
just to say I need you

Thinking of all the good times
I'll make it up to you babe
I'm sorry for all the hurts
I'll make it to you babe.

I just can't wait forever
To let you know I love you
I'll make it to you babe
And that we are really meant to be.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dance of the love

Golden daffodils

dance with the music and wind

beloved, come near


Darkness cast the land
Languor captures my dire soul
Armageddon comes

Tired Soul

Heart ablaze with fire

Adversities in my life

I have gone sleep

The storm

Cloud weeps mournfully

thunder roars tremendously

fear weeps the frightened land

The distance

I could not but think

of the distance by the sea

The wind keeps tossing the leaves

of love i set for you

The ardent passion seethes

like the scorching heat of the eye of the sky

I long for the love

i prayed to the Universe

Has it been denied? or just been delayed..

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The Passion

When the sun sets

the flower closes it buds

Like when the poet

loses its passion

the feelings are repressed

down to the deepest emotions

left unchecked…

It is when the pen fails

to put into writing

the tears within

the mind could not think

of anything


leaves the paper unmarked..

As the painter

could not sketch

his canvas

with the lightest draft

when his only love


without any remarks…

When the passion dies

the artist could not make any sense

of what is life about but–


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