Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Love Story

I have a very faithful friend. How faithful? Let's say she would be willing to have a fight in name of your friendship. And this is the character that mostly describe, Sophia.

Sophia is in the midst of her youth. Young, active, and full of life. She had just finished her Masteral degree in one of the most prestigious University in the country and is headed for a Manager III level in an established company.

She give her life in everything she do. From head wrecking product conceptualization, to listening to the songs of the birds. That was her life before, free and happy, until the day comes when everything changed her life.

She met the person she thought she wants to live her life with. Everything seems to be doing fine, from her family relationships, to her romance and the climax of her career. But the greatest nightmare came to her life and everything came crushing down...

I don't know how can i help her. She would always smile at me and says everything is fine. But I know that deep inside, she was melting away... and seeks shadow when no is around.

I cant imagine the days when, I could see her strong in front of others when at the end of the day, she went crying all her heart out..

It is very difficult when you give all your love...

I was shaking terribly when I received a call. My friend was delivered to the ER..

to be continued...

Bring it back...

Please bring back my heart?
It's fragile
I cant hold the tears...
I beg...

Bring it back whole
unbroken and firm
Bring it back unstained
and ..

I can't bear the pain
of having to lose my heart
I find it hard to pretend
happy and true..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

like the music

You are my life
The magic that fills my dream
and through the years
I would still wish to hear
the music
which will forever
play like the love
I set for you...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Song of my heart

It breaks my heart, only to hear you from afar
My touch could not reach your warmth
I could not see the eyes I longed so much
I could not feel the love you set for me...

It breaks my heart only to read your messages
From which I do not know
which is true and which is not
only I could sense, but I could not feel...

From where you stand
I hope this song of
Can reach the deepest part of your heart
And touches your love

It breaks my heart
To face the reality
when I thought you are mine
But it is the otherwise...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Bhie,

I couldn't place the right words to put into writing for you. I just think of you this moment. I know that a single text message won't show how much I appreciate the companionship you brought me for the past months, but that's the only way I could think of.

I must be funny that I took the friendship seriously despite of the distance that separate us. But I did. I would not be tired of messaging you daily, if you have eaten already or how do you do... if that's the only way I can communicate with you.

I am still hoping of seeing you, even in my dreams. I miss you.

Dear Love,

This is my first love letter to you. I think about you last night. I could not sleep.

I've been thinking of seeing you this afternoon. I know how I lacked the time to see you the previous days, or even weeks... especially when I have been busy and think of all the unnecessities of life. I'm sorry. I hope you could forgive me.. I'll make it up to you. We'll have a date, only the two of us. And I'll express how much I love you.

I am very grateful of having you in my life. Please stay with me. I am so much blessed.
I'll see you at 5 in the afternoon. Lord..