Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three love letters in my life

I only had three love letters in my life.

The first one was from an anonymous person during my high school years when "autograph" books are still in. Never it occurred to me that it is true as I took it as plain joke yet made my heart beat though.

The second one was from my boyfriend in college. Written in a recycled card with dried flowers, something that I always love for the creativity, it made me feel special, as I was able to meet his family. Though, we didn't last, I am happy as we are still friends.

The third love letter is the longest love letter I've ever received. I am flattered by his story that he didn't like the original stationary bought along with the envelope and so he cut from the papers of his organizer. But much more flattering is, I can feel the love in every word written on this piece of paper and that, someone thinks of me this very special.

And at last, I was able to put this into writing. I am simply happy to received a love letter.