Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whisper of an inlove girl

let me tell you a secret
a secret that only thine heart knew
i would not care more for the future that might be
but only with you, as happy with you now.


your smile spreads like a butterfly
your laugh is a sudden silvery wave
every glimpse of you makes my heart flare
how can I get relief from this spell?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Isang damdamin ako lang ang nakadarama

nalunod ako sa isang pagmamahal na hindi totoo
sa isang pag-asang upos
sa isang damdamin ako lang ang nakadarama.

minsan iniisip ko
darating ang panahon na ako
ay makakahanap ng pagmamahal na totoo

ngunit nagising ako
tulad ng isang kisap-mata
ito'y panaginip lang pla
isang panaginip na walang patutunguhan
kundi sakit ng damdamin
at pag-asang upos.


minsan, pinangarap ko na makausap ka
na kahit papaano marinig ko ang mga biro mo
minsan, pinangarap ko na mayakap ka
madama na mahal mo rin ako

ngayon, kausap kita
di ko alam kung anong saya
ang dulot mo sa puso ko

ngayong kayakap kita
ayoko ko nang bitawan ka
ngunit alam kong iky aalis din
katulad ng iba

ngayong nakausap at nayakap na kita
pinangarap ko na sana hindi na lang ito nangyari
para hindi lalong madurog ang puso ko
sa lihim na pagmamahal sa'yo.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poem over tears and the keyboard

It must be crazy to shed a tear every night
I run into my keyboard
write a poem
a letter
or if nothing comes in but sorrow
I run into films
filled with love and hope

I am touched what love can do
and yet i pity
that the love that I watch to inspire me
never reaches my heart

I lost the love
The person that I love
and I don't know
if ever I could find
the same love again

Maybe i should stop hoping
so I won't get hurt
or maybe should I believe
that every tear i shed
will be smiles I make
in the future with the one I love.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love letter from reader

Dear Webmaster,

I am amazed how this blog can truly express a lover's feeling. Congratulations. It is rare that feelings of love, passion, hurt and loneliness are expressed in the public as doing so will make you look weak and vulnerable. Webmaster, kindly post this love letter I made. I hope it reaches the heart of my love.



Dear Sweetie,

For so long, I always kept the pain in my heart. Having to see you without touching your hands. Listening to you without having to see your eyes. It hurts me often when I think of the good times we spent together. And I don't know why that far away land have taken you away from me, physically and emotionally...

I can't help but let my tears flow without having someone like you to wipe my tears away. I miss all the times you sit by my side, listening...

Tie, I miss you so much but I know that you can't read this letter of mine. I cannot deny to myself that I still love you despite of what happened. I miss your crisp laughs, the way you look at me, I miss everything that we shared together.

Please come back. I'll be waiting for you. I love you.



Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pangarap ng pagmamahal

Pangarap ko masilip
ang iyong ngiting
malimit makita
ngunit kay tamis.

Pangarap ko makita ka
kasama ko
sa dalampasigan
nagtatampisaw at masaya

Pangarap ko
sa panahon ng lungkot
ikaw ang pupunas
sa aking luha

Pangarap ko makasama ka
sa hirap at ginhawa
hawak ang aking kamay
sa init ng pagmamahal.