Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You're distant.. how much I tried to reach

Through the years since I have learned to love
i dreamt to be yours and you as mine
and yet time may have taken the chances
to depart our ways.

Is it coincidence that our ways met
or it is destiny that asks for forgiveness
of allowing to loving hearts to be apart
only to meet when the other was attached.

Apologies may not be enough
as the trees shed its leaves..
so are you
But what can i do if i still fear
that you will leave for twice my dear.

and so it happened
you walked away
no matter how I tried to reach
you're distant.. i'm sorry

May I ask again
again for the love
right in your heart
like the leaves of the trees that died
only to grow again, become
new...i love you

Merry Christmas


jug said...

too early for christmas... too early to be much more in love